• Level 1Beginners

    Level 1Beginners

    The agenda:Theory and teaching time on the simulator, getting used to the rig, gear 101, balancing exercises on the water, getting started, up hauling, steering and staying on a reach. After a short time you will be able to head up wind and sail in light wind conditions.

  • Level 2 STEPPING IT UP

    Level 2 STEPPING IT UP

    The agenda: Faster tacks, long board jibing. A the end of this level you will be more confortable with your board in the water.

  • Level 2+ STEPPING IT UP+

    Level 2+ STEPPING IT UP+

    The agenda: Improvement faster tacks and long board jibing, beach start and harness techniques. This class will enable you to control your gear in stronger winds (2-3 bft) and acquire appropriate long board steering techniques.

  • Level 3 ADVANCED

    Level 3 ADVANCED

    The agenda: Sailing without a dagger board, foot strap techniques, board steering, planing. This class is the bachelor’s degree to funboard sailing.

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